About Malegaon

ImageMalegaon is the second largest city in Nashik district of Maharashtra and also a Muncipal corporation. The city is lies at the convergence of the Mosam and the Girna rivers. Malegaon is a distance of 110 kilometers from Nashik towards the north eastern part of Maharashtra. The city possesses a very huge plastic and power loom industry. Service industries and trading are other economic activitiesare also practiced in Malegaon.

Geography of Malegaon
The average elevation of the city is 438 meters above the level of the sea. The location of the Malegaon is around 280 kilometers northeast of the Mumbai. Malegaon is very well-connected to cities like pune,Mumbai Aurangabad Surat and indore.

Plastic Industry
There are a total of 180 recycled hope pipe industries in Malegaon. Apart from this, there are 300 plastic segregation godowns and 300 gitti machines in the city and they have rendered Malegaon a remarkable position in Asia. The plastic industry of Malegaon deals in the manufacture of reprocessed plastic pipes available at 50% subsidized rates that are considered to be healither and more eco-friendly that the PVC pipes. Region also known foronion,pomegranate,cotton. Opportunity for agro processing unit.

Advantage Malegaon
Connectivity NH- 3 possess through Malegaon
Proposed Tail-Manmad-Indore
Cargo Export-HalconNashik
Dry pot Proposed Nashik

Textile Industry
There are a total 125000 plain and Auto power looms that are installed in 6000 units of Textile manufacture in Malegaon. The industry also produces sixty percent man-made fiber grey fabrics that are guaranteed and cheap in the city.